Legal and Regulatory Compliance

We help you achieve the levels of excellence required by the most recognized certifications in information security
ISO 27001

Security Management
System information

One of the most internationally recognized standards that facilitates assessment as a supplier or participation in public tenders. It is the most effective certification to minimize risks and align security measures with business priorities.
ISO 27701

ISO/IEC 27701 Privacy Information Management

It is an extension of ISO27001 that helps companies demonstrate compliance with privacy regulations around the world, such as the European General Protection Regulation (RGPD)

National Scheme
of Security

Aimed at companies that
they work with the public sector.
Set the minimum requirements
that must be fulfilled
IT service providers
with the Public Administration.

Information security
en automotive

The Information Security standard for the automotive industry. Created by the German Association of Automobile Manufacturers to ensure that all its suppliers guarantee the security of the information of its operations and products.

Benefits of Certifications

Secdat offers specialized services to help you in each step of the certification process

Improve reputation

The certifications give guarantees that there is a culture of cybersecurity in
the company. Given the exponential increase in cyber attacks that can result in irreversible damage. Information Security certifications offer a framework to protect your organization against these types of threats.

Prevent economic sanctions

There is an increase in sanctions by organizations
regulators, as well as its cost
average certifications give
guarantees in handling
requirements such as GDPR. In order to avoid financial losses
potentially devastating
for business.

Facilitates evaluations as suppliers

Increasingly demanded by clients and in bidding processes and public tenders. The certifications offer guarantees of good security practices, strengthening customer confidence and providing a proven business advantage over your competitors.


Cost reduction

Reduces the need for customer audits, allowing the team to focus on business priorities, thereby increasing their

What do we offer you?

Secdat offers specialized services to help you in each step of the certification process

1.Gap Analysis

Previous evaluation of the current processes and procedures, identifying the areas that do not comply with the requirements of the Standard.

2. Implementation

The necessary changes are generated or made to secure your valuable information assets. Ensuring the processes, procedures, KPIs and controls to initiate a cybersecurity work culture.

3. Certification

An independent auditor must visit your Organization to verify that the documented processes are being followed and that the necessary changes have been made. Once the certification audit is passed, the certification is issued.