Our information security audit services will provide you with a point of view independent and impartial about the practices of the organization. It will promote transparency and guarantees from the various interest groups.


Internal audit

Audit your own organization
to guarantee the certifications and

Supplier Audit

A tool to deal with
challenges of digital relationships
in the global supply chain.

RGPD Audit

We verify the necessary measures to guarantee safety in treating Personal Information.

What is Internal Authoring?

An internal audit is an audit carried out by an organization on itself, to determine if its systems evolve to the requirements set by a standard or by government, supplier and customer requirements. mandatory requirement of most ISO standards, and represents a tool of great value for the company.

Audit your organization internally with Secdat and avoid breaches with external auditors in your certification.



High degree of specialization, professional internal auditors usually have years of experience auditing companies of different complexity in different industries.


Impartiality, having a neutral view, will lead to identifying a valuable source of improvement for the organization.


Increasingly demanded by the interested parties to to be able to support decisions criticism that allows keep operate with tranquility